What does a 15 year old boy do when his girlfriend is pregnant?

Answer You need to be there for her. Your parents may want you to move away, I have friends who have been in that situation. You are the one who made her pregnant, so you should stay by her side.

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Can a 21-year-old guy get in trouble for getting his girlfriend pregnant when she was 17 if she is now 18 in Arizona?

AnswerNO, the only way if someone your age was going to get any minor pregnant is if the parents press charges. AnswerThe age of sexual consent in AZ is 18. If she got pregnant at 17, then obvious... Read More »

What can happen to a 20 year old guy if he got his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant and her parents want to put him in jail?

Answer He can be convicted of a sex crime and put in prison.

What should you do if you are a 14-year-old guy and you think your 14-year-old girlfriend is pregnant?

Answer You are both very young and obviously immature regarding sex or you would have known to use condoms at least. First, take her to a good doctor and have her tested to be sure she is pregnant ... Read More »

What should an 18-year-old do if his 14-year-old girlfriend is pregnant?

I'm 14 years-old and my boyfriend/fiance is 18(we haven't had sex.). We were sorta in your situation only I was raped and I conceived (I was not raped by my boyfriend). No one here, or anywhere, ca... Read More »