Why does auto insuance costs more for young teenage boys than it does for young teenage girls?

Answer insurance variation because young men are far more likely to have a car accident than what young women are. it's because of the "live fast, die young" phenomena. young men have a greater amount of ... Read More »

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What is the name of a 70's TV show where a young woman is transplanted with the brain of a young boy?

What guitar does angus young use?

AC/DC's Angus Young plays a Gibson SG. oung teamed up with Gibson guitars to create a signature humbucker pickup. The pickup is factory-installed on the Angus Young Gibson SG guitar.Source:Gibson ... Read More »

What does angus young play for a guitar?

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young plays a Gibson SG guitar. Gibson offers a line of Angus Young guitars. As of May 2010, the suggested retail price for an Angus Young Gibson SG is $3,617. The guitar feat... Read More »

What type of guitar strings does Angus Young use?

Angus Young, the lead guitarist for Australian rock band AC/DC, uses Ernie Ball guitar strings. The gauge size he uses is 9 to 42, from the lightest to the heaviest string.Source:Ernie Ball: Angus ... Read More »