What does XBR mean in Sony XBR?

Answer The XBR in Sony's XBR line of televisions stands for "Project X, Black Remote". Some sites maintain that XBR stands for "eXtended Bit Rate". However, bit rate refers to the rate of a digital signa... Read More »

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What does XBR mean in Sony TVs?

The XBR designation on a Sony TV model's description indicates that it is one of Sony's top of the line, high definition television sets, and that it integrates advanced technology. The XBR is thou... Read More »

What does the letter v mean on sony tv?

What does the fnr bnr and mnr mean in the video audio menu on the sony blu ray players?

If the laptop has a bluray player, if not only regular Dvd's will be playable.

What do Sony LCD TV model numbers mean?

According to Reevoo, the model numbers on your Sony LCD TV serve a specific function. The first series of letters is assigned to all Sony LCD TVs. The first two numbers represent the screen size. T... Read More »