Wifi stands for?

Answer Dude, he was asking if WE knew what it stood for.It stands for "wireless fidelity", and, to tell you the truth, I didn't know the reason why they would call it that until a few weeks ago, when I de... Read More »

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What does it mean when your ipad2 comes with wifi and does that mean you can use it out of the country even without wifi spots?

What is the use of WiFi in a mobile what exactly does WiFi do ?

It allows you to use wireless internet on your phone, which is usually faster than using the phone network for data and web surfing. It may also allow you to use the internet and talk on the phone ... Read More »

What does FBI stands for?

Among other things it stands for; Federal Bureau of Investigation Fungus Bacteria Invertebrates Federation of British Industries Food Borne Illness Foliar Browse Index

What does NHS stands for?

It's the UK's National Health Service, hope that helps!