What does Wall-e stand for in the Disney movie?

Answer "Wall-E," the 2008 Disney-Pixar movie, tells the story of a trash compactor robot, Wall-E. He falls in love with another robot named EVE. The name Wall-E stands for "Waste Allocation Load Lifter Ea... Read More »

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Where does the Disney movie"Aladdin"take place?

"Aladdin," the 1991 Disney movie, takes place in a fictional city called Agrabah. The creation of Agrabah--as well as the film itself--was influenced by Persian and Arabian cultures, which are foun... Read More »

Why does David Letterman stand against the wall and look the other way when he comes on stage?

What Disney movie is the best?

What is your favourite Disney Movie?

I love them all but i agree with you Cars especially when the 2 cars fall over and luigi says with a exciting voice Michael Schumacher a real Ferrari, and Michael Schumacher speaks good italian