What does USS stand for in a ship's name?

Answer USS is short for United States Ship. The designation is given to boats commissioned by the United States Navy. Other countries use similar abbreviation such as England, which uses HSM for Her Majes... Read More »

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What does 'HMHS' stand for in front of a ships name?

What does USS stand for on ships?

The abbreviation "USS" stands for "United States Ship," and is employed to indicate the American affiliation of a given warship or government-owned vessel. It usually precedes the name of the vesse... Read More »

What does CEC stand for on ships names?

CEC stands for Cooperative Engagement Capability, which is a newer concept in pooling shipboard sensor inputs and resources aboard Navy vessels.

What does USS stand for on naval ships?

The USS prefix to naval ships stands for United States Ship. There are 286 battle force ships available in the Navy and 254 of those are in action. Many historical ships have their own websites su... Read More »