What does URL mean on MySpace?

Answer The MySpace URL box displays the address at which your MySpace profile page is located. To allow other users to find your page, you can send them the address located in the URL box on your profile ... Read More »

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What does S4S mean on MySpace?

S4S means support for support on MySpace. Most sites have a support code, and users will often ask for S4S, meaning that they will exchange support codes and post the other website's code in a MySp... Read More »

What does mood crushed mean on MySpace?

If you have a friend who had changed her MySpace mood to "crushed," it means she is not feeling very well at the moment. It's possible that something devastating has happened to her, or that her sp... Read More »

What would be a good MySpace song for my MySpace?

What Internet protocol does MySpace use?

Because MySpace is a website, it uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP for short. You can tell that MySpace uses this protocol by looking at its address in the address bar of your browser: ... Read More »