What does U the symbol mean in math?

Answer The "U" symbol in math stands for "union" and represents the solution set where two relationships are true simultaneously. It is often used when working with inequalities. For example, X > -4 U X <... Read More »

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What does a question mark symbol mean in math?

In mathematics, a question mark is often used to denote Minkowski's question mark function. Also known as the "slippery devil's staircase," it was defined by Hermann Minkowski in 1904 as a function... Read More »

When i press shift+2 i get the @ symbol instead of the" symbol. how can i correct this?

My computer has both keyboard mappings, the US English one gives the @ when SHIFT-2 is pressed, whereas the French Canadian setting gives "Go to Start->Control Panel->(classic mode)->Regional Setti... Read More »

Who created the Democratic symbol and the Republican symbol?

"Harper's Weekly" cartoonist Thomas Nast popularized use of the donkey and the elephant as symbols for the Democratic and Republican parties in the 1870s. The donkey had been used prior to Nast's d... Read More »

Is a Harley a status symbol or a phallic symbol?

He meant for the guy to get an actual motorcycle not just a little scooter.As far as harleys go, I don't know why everyone calls them over priced. They are right in the same area as allot of other ... Read More »