What does Simon's shirt with the monkey with the headphones mean in City of Ashes?

Answer I believe you mean the shirt with the chicken. It means ' rock out with your cock out'.

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Okay,what does it mean when I have these headphones I use with my speakers (in my computer),...?

TokVon - if there was a short in th headphones, you will get no audio at all, as the current will be drawn through the short, and completely bypass the headphone speakers... Make sure the connectio... Read More »

Where can you find a neon yellow shirt with headphones on it?

I think you're talking about the shirt Miley Cyrus wears. I cannot tell you (because I don't know), but try looking in teen magizines found in stores. There are usually sections where it has look a... Read More »

There's going to be a third series of Ashes to Ashes but after that will there be another series with Gene but not Alex?

Yep Definately A Third Series Cant Wait!!!!. There Might Not Be Another Show After Ashes To Ashes As Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt) Says He Is Getting A Bit Too Old For That Now. But He Also Said He ... Read More »

How can you use headphones with LCD TV that does not have a socket for the headphones jack?