What does (Shh! - Internal Dogfood) mean?

Answer YouTube has introduced a new Creative Commons license option, meaning users can allow their videos to be remixed and reused by other users. The term "dogfood" refers to a product or feature tested ... Read More »

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What is "Licence: (Shh! - Internal Dogfood)"?…Explains so much!

What does "Wiki crosslinks btw internal pages on the fly" mean?

This means clicking a hyperlink while browsing from page to page, usually in a rapid manner, not noticing how many lies and half-truths are found on most wikis.

How to Make Your Own Dogfood?

Pets can be expensive. From their health care to day care, they can represent a major investment. One expense you can't get around in owning a dog is food. Many dog owners have managed to save mone... Read More »

Internal Auditor's Responsibilities As They Relate to Internal Controls?

Internal auditors ensure that a company's internal controls are effective and evaluate the way a company operates. Such auditors scrutinize the financial systems and management procedures that affe... Read More »