What does SMS stand for on a BlackBerry?

Answer According to the site BlackBerry FAQ, SMS stands for "short message service." SMS involves sending short text messages of up to 160 characters between mobile phones. It is popular substitute for em... Read More »

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What does PIN stand for on a BlackBerry?

The PIN on a BlackBerry device is a "personal identification number." Each BlackBerry has a unique PIN, which can be used to send and receive messages with the BlackBerry Messenger application.Refe... Read More »

What does OTA stand for on a Blackberry?

The OTA on BlackBerry stands for "over the air" apps that can be downloaded through the device's browser to access broadcast sources such as radio and television. The term is not unique to BlackBer... Read More »

What does GPRS stand for on my BlackBerry?

The acronym GPRS on a BlackBerry smartphone stands for General Packet Radio Service. GPRS technology transmits data over a cellular network, allowing people to use applications such as e-mail and w... Read More »

What is the best phone the htc touch pro smartphone the iPhone 3g the blackberry 8900 or the blackberry pearl?

Depends on what your needs are. An Android device is good overall (especially if you have a Google acount). A Nokia device is also a good device overall, but goes well with media. A BlackBerry is c... Read More »