What does SIM stand for on a cell phone?

Answer In a cellular phone, SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM is a small card about the size of a U.S. quarter and can usually be found by removing a phone's back and battery.Source:3gpp.... Read More »

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What does MMS stand for on a cell phone?

multimedia messaging, multimedia messaging system, or something to that effect.

What does the LG stand for on the cell phone?

LG stands for LG Electronics, whose slogan is "Life's Good." Based in Korea, the company manufactures appliances as well as computer, video, audio and cellular equipment. LG Electronics began opera... Read More »

What does url stand for on my cell phone?

Many modern cell phones have the ability to browse to web pages. Whenever you launch your browser, you may see a field called the "URL" field. URL stands for "Uniform Resource Locator" and it is th... Read More »

Does a cell phone battery harm or damage a cell phone if the phone is unused?

Cell phone battery ingredients--antimony, mercury and beryllium-- are considered toxic and harmful. If a cell phone goes unused, the battery could leak and cause damage to both the cell phone and e... Read More »