What does SATA stand for in computers?

Answer SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It's also referred to as Serial ATA. It is a component within a computer that the motherboard uses to "talk" to the hard drive. SATA provides ... Read More »

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Ok upgrading PC SATA Quest. I got a old IED ribbion CD rom dvd . But new board has 3.0 6.0 sata conections?

1) SATA 3 / 6 is compatible with older SATA II (2), so 'yes' you can2) Old SATA cables SHOULD work on SATA 6 so long as they are 'short' ..... however SOME SATA 6 sockets have a metal 'shield' tag ... Read More »

Can Windows XP be loaded on a SATA hard drive without the SATA drives?

Both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP can only be installed onto a SATA hard drive if the necessary SATA drivers are installed onto the system during the setup process.References:Microsoft... Read More »

Will a SATA 2 hard drive work in a SATA 1 controller?

Yes. SATA 2 hard drives are backward compatible, which means that SATA 1 controllers will detect them. The only difference is that they will run at SATA 1 speeds rather than SATA 2 speeds. Some con... Read More »

What does PCI stand for in computers?

According to Top Bits, PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect. Developed by Intel in 1992, PCI became the standard expansion slot for computer peripherals by 1996. PCI Express has since s... Read More »