What does Rx mean on a prescription?

Answer The Rx on a prescription is a Latin abbreviation, and it means "recipe." Contrary to what people may think, Rx does not mean prescription. It is also among a list of other abbreviations including "... Read More »

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What does SPH mean for my OS/CYL eye prescription?

OD=ocular distal or right eyeOS=ocular sinister or left eyeSPH=sphere powerCYL= cylinder power or astigmatismIf you see the "sph" in the "cyl" box, that means you have no astigmatic correction in t... Read More »

What does my prescription mean?

You really don't need to panic or anything, that is a pretty routine prescription (not all that strong; you aren't going to go blind or anything). However, if these are your first glasses, you are ... Read More »

What does my eye prescription mean Is it bad?

Your left eye is only slightly short-sighted. My mam's eyes were both about that and she didn't need her glasses all the time although you obviously will because of your right eye. both of mine are... Read More »

What does a contact lens prescription mean?

Approximately 36 million people in the United States wear contact lenses to correct visual impairments, according to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Although federal law does not require ... Read More »