What Are the Differences Between Greeks & Romans?

Answer Greeks and Romans are citizens of the two most celebrated ancient cultures in Western culture. While both made considerable strides in politics, literature, art and social organizations, their ways... Read More »

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What did the Romans wear on their wedding day?

In ancient Rome, a bride wore a long white tunic tied with a knotted belt on her wedding day. She wore garlands or wreaths of flowers and draped herself in a crimson veil or shawl. The groom, on th... Read More »

What is paul talking about in romans chapter 7?

The seventh chapter of Romans is possibly one of the most debated chapters in the New Testament. What is this inner conflict to which Paul refers? The answer lies in dissecting the words he used in... Read More »

What did the Romans call the present city of London?

The Romans called present-day London "Londinium," according to the Museum of London. The name may have Germanic roots from the words "lang" and "dun," meaning "long hill," reports British archaeolo... Read More »

What metal did the ancient Romans use to make water pipes?

The most common metal the ancient Romans used to make pipe was lead. Lead pipes brought water into homes, public buildings, fountains and public baths. Extra water from these pipes ran into the sew... Read More »