What does the OPP use for a radar gun?

Answer The Ontario Provincial Police in Ontario, Canada, use a radar gun called the Steath II, manufactured by Stealth Micro Systems. It has a much higher capture rate, which allows police to nab more spe... Read More »

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What type of wave does a radar detector use?

Radar detectors use radio waves. The radio wave is emitted from the detector at the speed of light. It bounces off of the object being measured and returns to the radar detector. Based on the time ... Read More »

What type of wave does a radar detector detect?

Radar detectors have the ability to sense radio waves, according to Radio Shack. Radio waves commonly are used in the detection guns by law enforcement officials to measure how fast vehicles are tr... Read More »

I have a Beltronics V10 radar scanner. What settings do I put on and what does the letters stand for?

First off, it's not a scanner it's a radar detector. It detects if a cop is using a radar gun to clock vehicle speeds. Secondly, it should have come with a user manual... Read it, it helps.

How Does a Speed Radar Gun Work?

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