What does Jr ROTC stand for?

Answer Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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What dose NJ-ROTC stand for?

Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Can your ROTC teacher make you stand for the pledge or punish you for not doing so?

No. They can go once they've gotten their commission and are serving actively, but not as a student/cadet.

You are a contracted but non-scholarship smp cadet in army rotc if you quit rotc what happens to you?

i don't know about the non-scholarship part, but if u are in smp you have signed a Contract with the Guard or Reserves, not ROTC. This means if you quit or get kicked out of ROTC you still have an ... Read More »

If you are a cadet in an rotc program and join a military branch different than the one you were in rotc. does that affect what rank you start as after finishing college?

no you will always (out of rotc) start in any branch as a 2nd lieutenant