What does Jr ROTC stand for?

Answer Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

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What dose NJ-ROTC stand for?

Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

If you are a cadet in an rotc program and join a military branch different than the one you were in rotc. does that affect what rank you start as after finishing college?

no you will always (out of rotc) start in any branch as a 2nd lieutenant

When do you go to AIT while in ROTC or do you go to AIT after ROTC how does it all work?

Unless you enlist you will not go to AIT for ROTC. The enlisted side and officer sides of the military have different training schools. After ROTC you will go to BOLC (Basic Officer Leaders Course)... Read More »

I am an smp cadet in the Ohio national guard as well as an army rotc program at a university in Ohio if you quit rotc does my current e5 rank go back to what it was before I signed my SMP contract?