What does ROFL mean in computer language?

Answer "ROFL" stands for "rolling on the floor laughing," according to PC Magazine's encyclopedia of computer terms. PC Magazine calls "ROFL" and similar acronyms "digispeak," computer-language shorthand ... Read More »

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YouTube shows up in the wrong language on my computer. Does anyone know how to change the language to English?

on the top right corner of the screen on the you tube homepagethere is a little picture of a flag click on it and you get to choose the language click on the little globe to go to the english you t... Read More »

What does"ROFL"mean?

ROFL is an internet acronym. The full phrase is "Rolling on the Floor Laughing". The same phrase is also sometimes expressed as ROTFL. It conveys the idea of laughing very hard.Source:Computer Hop... Read More »

What does"ROFL"mean in texting?

ROFL is shorthand in texting and instant messaging for "rolling on the floor laughing." Texting shorthand saves time and space when sending a text or instant message. Often, texting shorthand takes... Read More »

Does anyone kno wut ROFL stands for?

It is Rolling on Floor Laughing.If you want a list of internet slang, you can find them on the link below.Hope that helps =)