What does ROA mean in relation to late pregnancy?

Answer Answer ROA stands for Right-Occipito-Anterior which means that the back of your baby's head (occiput) is to to your right and to the front (anterior) which is a very good position as when you go i... Read More »

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Can severe backache and two weeks late and a negative pregnancy test be a sign of pregnancy?

Hope i can help ] i know how you feel, i have several backache and am late and have had SEVERAL negative tests, but the best thing to do, is to go to your doctor and schedule a blood test. best of ... Read More »

What is the chance of pregnancy if you are five days late but a hpt came up negative after 3 days late but you took bladder infection meds that changes your urine colors?

Answer Based on the information given, the bladder infection could be the cause of the delayed period. Also, urine color doesn't matter, but HCG hormones do matter. HCG is only produced when pregn... Read More »

What does BFN mean in relation to pregnancy?

BFN in relation to pregnancy or fertility means "Big Fat Negative". This is a common acronym or abbreviation used on fertility websites and blogs. It means that a pregnancy test came up negative.S... Read More »

What does EWCM mean in relation to pregnancy?

EWCM in relation to pregnancy or fertility means Egg White Cervical Mucus. It means that the cervical mucus is stretchy, abundant, wet and pretty clear, like a raw egg white. This type of cervical ... Read More »