What does RNC stand for in nursing?

Answer RNC stands for Registered Nurse Certified, which is a credential offered to various nursing specialists by the National Certification Corporation (NCC). Specialists that complete the certification... Read More »

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What does BC stand for in nursing certification?

In nursing certification, BC stands for board certified. If a nurse or any physician is board certified, it means she has gone through special training and continuous education. Certification is ap... Read More »

Does nursing practice enrich nursing theory?

According to the Clayton State University School of Nursing, nursing theory is the conceptual perception that defines nursing practice. Nursing theory expert and author, Marilyn E. Parker states, "... Read More »

What are the duties of a director of nursing in a nursing home?

Nursing homes require a director of nursing to supervise the nurses on staff, work with administrators and implement programming. The director of nursing is also involved in the long-term planning ... Read More »

What does professional nursing mean?

In earlier times, a lay nurse treated common ailments without having a formal education in medicine. Today, nurses are required to meet educational requirements and maintain licensing to work in th... Read More »