What does RMS stand for in speakers?

Answer The acronym RMS stands for "root mean square" when used to describe speaker specifications. The root mean square measures how much power a speaker can produce and it is measured in watts.Source:Len... Read More »

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What does RMS stand for regarding speakers?

RMS (Root Mean Squared) measures a speaker's wattage. Rather than specifying the peak amplitude, which means little on its own, it considers the mean amplitude over an extended period. In layman's ... Read More »

Mounting speakers on stand?


TV Stand vibrating from TV Speakers?

Yes you can keep folded paper or a piece of rubber under the stand to make it more stable.

What is the overall height and width of a Pioneer Pro-1140HD TV with the stand and speakers?

Overall Height Depends on the stand and speakers you choose if they're separate items. If it's all a part of a factory package, just go to the Pioneer website and look up the model, or the user's ... Read More »