What does LOB in baseball mean?

Answer In baseball vernacular, the abbreviation LOB stands for Left on Base, referring to base runners that failed to score during an inning. The LOB statistic in a box score reflects the number of men on... Read More »

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What does"fanning"mean in baseball?

The term “fanning,” when applied to baseball, describes the act of a batter striking out while swinging at the pitched ball. The term stems from the idea of the batter “fanning the breeze” ... Read More »

What does battery mean in baseball?

The term "battery" in baseball refers to the combination of the pitcher and catcher. The pitcher and catcher may also be referred to as battery men, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. The term m... Read More »

What does the 3.5 flex on a DeMarini baseball bat mean?

Flex refers to how much a baseball bat will bend and snap like a whip when a hitter hits a ball. Proponents of flex design believe that more flex in a bat creates more hit distance. The higher the ... Read More »

What does winning a pennant in baseball mean?

In Major League Baseball, winning a pennant means winning either the American League or the National League championship. The two teams that win the pennant each year play for the World Series, the... Read More »