What does R-4 zoning mean in Freehold?

Answer In Freehold Township, New Jersey, the zoning code R-4 applies to a residential area that allows 10,000-square-foot lots and 100 feet of frontage. Freehold's Planning and Zoning office website has a... Read More »

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Is there any bus or train that I can take from elizabeth to freehold?

Burberry, this locations are in New Jersey.Back to question, gergoty you already asked this and only two bus routes goes there.…

What do the terms tenure, freehold, leasehold mean?

It all makes sense when you realise that you can't actually own land in England, you just have permission from the queen to use it.Tenure describes any rights over land. If you have the use of it,... Read More »

The Difference Between Leasehold and Freehold Flats?

When you are looking to buy a flat you will need to decide whether you wish to buy leasehold or freehold. These are important and distinct legal terms that obligate you to specific rights and respo... Read More »

Elizabeth train station to freehold mall?

From Elizabeth Station to Freeport Mall is not direct route, but taking #62 and #67 buses will cost you $12.35 (transfer included)Step 1: Walk to Jersey Av/Broad St and take Newark-bound #62 to New... Read More »