What does the Phi Beta Sigma mean?

Answer The Greek Phi Beta Sigma fraternity was founded by three male African-American students Jan. 9, 1914, at Howard University. The fraternity believes in scholarship, service and brotherhood. Phi Beta... Read More »

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What does beta 20 mean on oil filter?

Two important characteristics of an oil filter are dirt-holding capacity and particulate-removal efficiency, or beta value, which compares upstream to downstream pressure. A beta 20 means a 95 perc... Read More »

What does the financial term beta mean?

According to The Free Dictionary, the beta measures an asset's volatility relative to a standard financial benchmark such as the S&P 500. A beta of one means the assets follows the market's risk ex... Read More »

What does beta mean in graphics drivers?

Beta drivers for graphics cards are drivers that are still in testing, but are considered stable enough for consumer use. Graphics card manufacturers such as NVIDIA are known to release beta driver... Read More »

What does beta mean in the stock market?

When people refer to "beta" relative to the stock market, they mean the number (also known as the beta coefficient) that represents the correlation of a stock's returns to the returns of the entire... Read More »