What does PTO mean in a workplace?

Answer In the workplace, paid time off (PTO) provides a pool of hours that an employee uses to take time off from work, without providing a specific reason. PTO can also be referred to as "personal time o... Read More »

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What does workplace diversity mean?

Workplace diversity is the variety of differences in the people that make up an organization. Diversity in the workplace stems from a variety of genders, races, ethnicity, age, personality, educati... Read More »

What does workplace reading include?

Workplace reading includes the ability to understand and interpret various documents including diagrams, directories, correspondence, manuals, records, charts, graphs, tables, and specifications.

How Does Synergy Affect the Workplace?

Buckminster Fuller invented the word "synergy" by combining the words synthesis and energy. It indicates a combination of assets that end up being greater than the sum of their individual parts. In... Read More »

Why does discrimination in the workplace occur?

Workplace discrimination occurs for a variety of reasons. With numbers on the rise in the United States, it remains a serious issue in the workforce. Understanding the causes of workplace discrimin... Read More »