What does PTO mean in a workplace?

Answer In the workplace, paid time off (PTO) provides a pool of hours that an employee uses to take time off from work, without providing a specific reason. PTO can also be referred to as "personal time o... Read More »

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Workplace Safety Act?

Workplace safety is a concern for nearly everyone, either as an employer or employee. The Occupational and Safety Health Act, enacted by the federal government in 1970, regulates safety in the work... Read More »

What Is a Workplace Inspection?

Business owners and managers have responsibilities to their workers and to the workplaces where they carry out their business. Workplace inspections are on-site inspections that can take several fo... Read More »

How to Help Others Be Winners in the Workplace?

Setting up others to win at work seems an unusual concept in a competitive context but when you do this, everybody wins, including you and the business. Doing this helps to create a harmonious work... Read More »

How to Unionize Your Workplace?

So, you want a voice at work? Forming a union is a great way to do just that. Typically, unions win increased wage and benefits, clear and fair job security and work rule language through negotiati... Read More »