What does the letter a stand for?

Answer In the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel The Scarlet Letter, the red letter "A" on Hester Prynne's clothing stands for adulteress.

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What does the letter s in NASA stand for?

Space. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

What does the letter M stand for in Roman numerals?

Roman numerals were established during the Middle Ages in western Europe, and the letter M represents 1,000. The M sometimes is written with parentheses or a line over it to multiply the number by ... Read More »

What does the letter m stand for in Disney's MGM studios?

In the 1980s, the film studio MGM, which stands for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, agreed to let Disney use its films and characters for the theme of an amusement park. In 1989, Disney World opened Disney-MG... Read More »

What did the letter E in ESPN originally stand for?