What does POW in military mean?

Answer POW in military terms stands for prisoner of war, according to the United States Department of Defense. The United States government currently maintains information on POWs from World War II, the K... Read More »

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What does p.i. mean in the military?

Pi can have one of two meanings with respect to the military. One means product improvement. The other, Pilipino Insurrecto, has to do with a type of person as opposed to a job. A Pilipino Insurrec... Read More »

What does ffd mean in the military?

"Fit for Duty" - In the Navy it could mean "Forward Front Deck" but the acronym FFD is rarely used in that application.

What does RPG mean in the military?

Rocket Propelled Grenade. Shoulder fired weapon that uses a small rocket in an explosive head to shoot out of the barrel in the direction it is fired. Not extremely accurate but can cause great dam... Read More »

What does RIF mean in the military?

There are four possible meanings for the military acronym RIF. RIF could mean spent fuel or Recoverable Irradiated Fuel; Radiation-Induced Fault; Radar Interface; or Reduction In Force. The latter ... Read More »