What does POV mean in Yahoo!?

Answer In terms of Internet slang, the acronym POV stands for point of view. This term can be applied to speaking about someone's own opinions and views, or to videos shot from a first-person perspective.... Read More »

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What does"Idle"mean in Yahoo?

After a period of inactivity, your Yahoo Messenger status may change to "Idle." This is just to let your contacts know that you are unavailable at the moment. If you want to change the setting, sel... Read More »

What does a red flag in my Yahoo! email mean?

Yahoo! Mail created red flags as a way for users to “flag,” or mark, messages for follow-up at a later date. The red flags do not indicate spam or email from suspicious accounts. To activate re... Read More »

What does"idle"mean on Yahoo Messenger?

If a contact on Yahoo messenger is showing up as "idle," it means that the contact is online but hasn't done anything at the computer in a while. When the contact returns, his status will change.So... Read More »

What does a red flag in my Yahoo email mean?

The red flag in Yahoo! is used to mark a message for follow-up. The red flag only appears when the user clicks the uncolored flag icon in the Inbox or message view. Once a flag is set, the user can... Read More »