What does POS mean on a bank statement?

Answer The acronym POS on a bank statement means that the transaction was made at a location that uses a Point of Sale system. This term refers to computerized systems used by businesses to record transa... Read More »

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What does"POS"mean on a bank statement?

When you see the abbreviation "POS" on your bank statement it is short for "point of sale," which refers to the location where you made a purchase. In a business setting, POS is the system used by ... Read More »

What does"PC"mean on a bank statement?

PC on a bank statement means internet, online, electronic or personal computer banking. Although many regular banks, credit unions and traditional financial institutions offer some form of PC banki... Read More »

What does P/C mean on a bank statement?

The letters "P/C" on a bank statement could mean a number of things, including "Purchase/Cashback" (TD Canada Trust), or "Petty Cash" (for certain fund options), or even "Property/Casualty" (for ce... Read More »

What does a dpc mean on a bank statement?

DPC is a rarely used acronym occasionally seen on statements published by banks or other financial institutions. DPC stands for "Delayed Payment Charge," which is essentially the same thing as a l... Read More »