What does POS mean in health insurance?

Answer A type of health insurance is a POS, which is a point of service plan. It allows the policyholder to visit doctors that are out of network. This may mean a reduction in benefits or he will have to ... Read More »

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What does the term co-insurance mean on health insurance policies?

In health policies co-insurance is a percentage of covered expenses that insured is required to pay in addition to co-payment and deductible For example if you have an 80/20 plan, the insurance co... Read More »

What does PPO mean in health insurance?

According to BlueCross BlueShield Association, PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. A PPO is an arrangement between health service providers and insurance companies to provide discounted... Read More »

What does health insurance mean?

Health insurance is a system that protects people against financial loss due to injury or illness. Health insurance coverage pays for medical expenses when someone visits a doctor for routine proce... Read More »

What does subsidized health insurance mean?

Subsidized health insurance means that part or all of the premium is paid for with state or federal funds to ensure that low income individuals have access to health care. Examples of subsidized he... Read More »