What does PLPD car insurance cover you for?

Answer Answer PLPD is public liability and property damage. Property damage provides insurance cover against damage caused by you to the other person's vehicle or building, etc. Public liability insurance... Read More »

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What does plpd auto insurance cover?

Although PLPD is a term that is rarely used in the insurance industry today, some agents and drivers still refer to PLPD policies. This type of policy refers to basic auto insurance coverages.Defin... Read More »

If you have PLPD or no fault insurance and you hit someone from behind and their car is fine and yours is not will your car insurance cover it?

Answer No. PL & PD cover injury and damage you do to other persons and their property. Collision and Comprehensive cover your vehicle.

Does PLPD cover health bills for injuries related to an auto accident?

Answer Ok, let's break it down: PL = Public Liability; PD = Property Damage.Payments that result from the use of these coverages are generally for the health and repair of vehicles for the party yo... Read More »

What is PLPD auto insurance?

Answer PLPD is Public Liability and Property Damage. It satisfies your obligation to the state, and offers no coverage to your vehicle's damage.