Does this kind of stunt make you lose respect for PETA?

Answer Ugh. I do not support PETA.This more than illustrates why. Actually this is something I wrote to a friend recently, this more than illustrates how I feel about PETA:"I am a vegan but I don't agree ... Read More »

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What is your opinion of PETA?

They've done a lot of damage to any good coming from vegetarian/vegan movements. A lot of it has to do with the fact that they act like a political group using propaganda, taking advantage of misun... Read More »

What is your opinion on PETA?

A group that is usually supported by the less than informed but well meaning people - or celebrities looking for free photo-op with them half naked or totally naked.Considering all the negative tha... Read More »

How to Volunteer and Be a Supporter of PETA?

of the amount of time you have to lend, nonprofit and other social organizations will welcome your help with open arms. When you volunteer at PETA, you are helping "to fight for the rights of all a... Read More »

PETA & paint on fur coats.?

I am a native who comes from the north pole who grew up hunting and wearing fur. I find these ladys wearing fur for fashion quiet hilarious myself. I grew up wearing caribou fur from an animal we ... Read More »