What does PC2100 or PC2700 on my RAM card mean?

Answer The six-character description on RAM refers to the clock speed, or the speed the RAM is capable of operating at. The greater the number the faster the speed---PC2100 corresponds to a speed of 133MH... Read More »

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Will the pc2100 ram replace the pc2700 ram?

PC2100 RAM (random access memory) modules, also known as DDR-266, are interchangeable with PC2700 RAM modules. PC2700 is also known as DDR-333 and has a peak transfer rate of 2700 megabytes per sec... Read More »

Can I substitute PC2700 for PC2100?

You can use PC2100 and PC2700 interchangeably; both use the same Double Data Rate standard, according to memory maker Crucial. However, using them at the same time restricts the computer's motherbo... Read More »

Can pc2100 replace pc2700?

On One Hand: Both Are Backwards CompatiblePC2700 and PC2100 are both DDR SDRAM, and memory modules are designed to be backwards compatible. As such, it is possible to replace PC2700 with PC2100. D... Read More »

Can I mix pc2100& pc2700 DDR memory RAM?

Yes, you can mix pc2100 and pc2700 DDR memory on the same computer because they are both from the same generation of DDR memory. However, the computer will default all memory to the lowest speed of... Read More »