What does PC stand for with doctors?

Answer An abbreviation of PC after or before a doctor's name stands for Professional Corporation. This means that the doctor is part of a corporation within your state. Not all states allow Professional C... Read More »

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What does DO PC stand for after a doctors name?

DO Doctor of OsteopathyPC Professional Corporation (that one's more like the abbreviations "corp" or "inc" -- doesn't have to do with the doctor's training).

What does PC stand after a doctors name?

Enlarged lymph node due to an infection in the body.

When in labour with my premature twins doctors said she's had a flat - what does that mean?

a sexual intercourse happens when you are already married..

What does GOP stand for with republicans?

GOP is a nickname for the Republican Party. The original 1875 meaning of GOP was gallant old party, but it more commonly is known to stand for grand old party.Source:GOP: Who We Are