What does PC stand for in a company name?

Answer When they appear after a company's name, the letters P.C. stand for "professional corporation," a business structure used by individuals who need a license to perform their work, explains BizFiling... Read More »

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What does LLC stand for after a company name?

The LLC at the end of a company name indicates that the business is registered and maintained as a limited liability company. LLCs are a type of business structure in which owners have limited pers... Read More »

What does"3M Company"stand for?

The company 3M has its name because it started off as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. The company got its start mining and manufacturing grinding-wheel abrasives, but has since moved ont... Read More »

What does CCM hockey company stand for?

Hockey equipment manufacturer CCM started out in 1899 as a bicycle parts business known as the Canada Cycle and Motor Co. CCM began manufacturing ice skates in 1905 as the market for bicycles start... Read More »

What does DC Shoes company stand for?

DC Shoes is an American-based shoe company that makes very popular and high-quality skateboarding shoes. DC Shoes originally stood for Droors Clothing. When it was sold, the new company no longer h... Read More »