What does PC stand for behind an attorney's name?

Answer When "P.C." is written with an attorney's name, or the name of a law firm, it stands for the term "professional corporation." A professional corporation is basically a corporation that limits the l... Read More »

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What does DBA stand for behind a name?

DBA is an abbreviation for "Doing Business As." People follow their names with DBA when the business name is not the same as the person's name, the registered name or the name of the business's par... Read More »

What does RCC stand for it is behind my the MA for masters on my therapists name?

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What does WGA stand for among defense attorneys?

Among defense attorneys, WGA stands for "Wise Guy Association." This signifies the Italian mafia, an association of criminals. This organization calls its fighters both "La Cosa Nostra soldiers" an... Read More »

What did Patrice O'Neal mean when he said British Stand Up is 50 Years behind American Stand up?

I used to think British people on the whole were just a bit uptight but the Americans reaction to Ricky Gervais says different. Not sure what he meant but imho American comedy is a bit childish and... Read More »