What does PC stand for behind an attorney's name?

Answer When "P.C." is written with an attorney's name, or the name of a law firm, it stands for the term "professional corporation." A professional corporation is basically a corporation that limits the l... Read More »

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What does WGA stand for among defense attorneys?

Among defense attorneys, WGA stands for "Wise Guy Association." This signifies the Italian mafia, an association of criminals. This organization calls its fighters both "La Cosa Nostra soldiers" an... Read More »

How can you get your attorneys to do what they were hired to do?

You don't hire a lawyer and then tell him/her what to do. You hire a layer to tell you the law and the best way to deal with a legal problem.If you are advised wrongly, you have redress via the law... Read More »

How much do attorneys get paid?

An attorney's average first-year salary is $57,000; for 1 to 4 years, an average salary of $66,000; 5 to 9 years, an average salary of $91,500, and from 10 to 19 years: $112,000. Attorneys with ove... Read More »

What are litigation attorneys?

Litigation attorneys file and defend lawsuits before state courts, federal courts, mediators and arbitrators.GenerallyA litigation attorney handles clients' cases when things go wrong. Litigation a... Read More »