How far is Dartmouth, Nova Scotia from Amherst, Nova Scotia?

Answer By highway, the trip between Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Amherst, Nova Scotia is roughly 120 miles. The drive, which takes you northwest through such cities as Enfield, Stewiacke and Oxford, takes r... Read More »

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How far is it from Digby, Nova Scotia to Caribou, Nova Scotia?

Via road, the distance between Digby and Caribou, Nova Scotia is roughly 213 miles. The trip, which travels northeast through such towns as Bridgetown, Windsor and Westville, takes approximately fo... Read More »

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How hot is a super nova ll?

A type II supernova occurs when the core of a massive star becomes iron and can no longer fuse, causing the core to collapse. The star's core temperature at this point is approximately 4x10 to the ... Read More »

How to String a PSE Nova Bow?

The PSE Nova is a compound bow and uses a system of cams and pulleys to create a mechanical advantage that allows the archer to use less force than a recurve or long bow, to draw the string back an... Read More »