What does "No approved therapeutic claims" actually means?

Answer It means that the product has not been tested for any therapeutic benefits.

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Do disability claims for RA get approved?

Social Security claims for rheumatoid arthritis are approved if the person is unable to work for at least 12 months due to the condition. People must meet income guidelines to get approved for SSI,... Read More »

Has FDA approved the claims of the benefits of alkaline water?

If you go to the FDA website and do a search for Alkaline water you will find many references and articles related to it. I did a search and found nothing that would indicate an "approval". In fact... Read More »

Your insurance company paid all of your claims for a surgery you have had and now they are reviewing a diferrent claim for pre-existing condition can they go back on the claims they paid and take the?

AnswerThe answer may depend upon the diagnosis codes used. From your question, it sounds like the procedures had different codes and therefore, the claims should have been coded differently to refl... Read More »

Who decides extending claims period time for home damage in large hail storms currently 1 year but not enough time for contractors to handle all potential claims?

That depends. If the renter has their own flood insurance then the renter could certainly file a claim on it they have a flood loss. If your asking can the renter file a claim on the Property owne... Read More »