What does NTLDR on a desktop mean?

Answer The NTLDR file is a one of the Windows operating system's boot files. If the NTLDR file is found on a desktop machine, it means that the machine has Windows installed on it. This file should not be... Read More »

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What does NTLDR compressed mean?

"NTLDR is compressed" is an error message that sometimes appears after compressing the hard drive on a computer running the Windows XP operating system. This error can be fixed by inserting the Rec... Read More »

What does ntldr is missing mean?

NTLDR is an important boot file for the Windows operating system. If the NTLDR file becomes corrupted, the hard drive returns an error and the user is unable to run any software on the computer. Th... Read More »

What does the computer error message NTLDR is missing mean?

An "NTLDR" error indicates that Windows cannot boot from the selected hard drive. This can happen because a virus has caused damage to the system files on your computer. More often, it occurs becau... Read More »

Does Vista use NTLDR?

NTLDR was replaced in Microsoft Windows Vista. The operating system uses the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) files and the firmware independent boot configuration. This collection of files does not i... Read More »