What does NRFB mean to Barbie collectors?

Answer For Barbie collectors, NRFB means "never removed from box." This distinction indicates that the doll has not been moved from its original packaging. The NRFB label ensures that the doll is in mint ... Read More »

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How much are collectors willing to pay for a vintage Barbie doll?

The value of a vintage Barbie doll is subjective depends on: age, condition, rarity, current popularity and the individual collector. Prices can range from $10 to thousands of dollars. If you have ... Read More »

What are solar collectors?

Solar collectors are devices designed to collect energy from the sun. This energy is used to generate electricity or steam. The two main types of collectors are flat plate collectors, such as the f... Read More »

What are stamp collectors called?

Stamps collectors are called philatelists. The act of collecting and studying stamps is called philately. The world philately comes from the Greek words philo- and ateleia. Philo- means loving, an... Read More »

What are postcard collectors called?

Postcard collectors are called deltiologists, while the collecting itself is referred to as deltiology. There are many clubs around the world and the United States dedicated to deltiology. One of... Read More »