You havent seen any of the new 2010 episodes for ncis yet so when will the producers of the ncis tv series let CBS show the thirteen new 2010 ncis episodes this year?

Answer Sunday

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What NCIS episode is the one where a girl is killed by a NCIS foresnic and he gets put on the case to find the killer?

I believe you mean "Frame Up" in which Tony is framed for a female petty officer's murder using evidence that the lab assistant "Chip" gathered like Tony's fingerprints from his glove and his bite ... Read More »

Witch ncis charters are goin to be in ncis Los Angeles?

none. here is the article though to explain more Main article: NCIS: Los Angeles CBS has picked up an NCIS spin-off series with the title NCIS: Los Angeles.[39][40][41][42] Filming began in Februa... Read More »

In what NCIS episode played a law enforcement team that acted like the ncis members.but not jurisdiction the episode i am looking for aired maybe 2 or more seasons ago?

That would be Doppelganger, one of my favorites - Season 2, Episode 12

USA Network why don't you show more NCIS and less of Law and Order. Law and order is also on TNT. I think that NCIS is far better. Wish it was on EVERY afternoon..?

Have you tried contacting the network; see the links below.