What does Mpbs stand for is this fast?

Answer It stands for Megabytes Per Seconds, and it varies greatly with whatever your internet service provider is (Brighthouse, Roadrunner, Verizon). Any download speed that averages above 1 megabyte a se... Read More »

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What does FAST stand for in first aid?

Fast is an acronym for signs/symptoms and treatment of Stroke. F: Facial Droopiness- Does the face shape suddenly change? A: Arm Droopiness- Ask person to hold out arms straight. Does one arm dro... Read More »

In a text message, what does this stand for?

Nothing much or never mind.Text language can be so annoying sometimes!

What does the American eagle stand for in this nation?

The American bald eagle stands for the strength and independence of the United States of America. It unofficially became the national bird in 1782 and officially in 1789 with the inauguration of Pr... Read More »

AMSI - what does this stand for in property management?