How to Play a Song Backwards?

Answer Playing a song backwards is an effect that has been used over the decades to reveal hidden meanings in certain songs. It has been mostly rock 'n' roll songs have been backmasked (audio term used to... Read More »

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In scrubs does JD end up with Elliot?

Yes, in season 7. She is pregnant with his child in season 8 and they get married.

What old TV show aired in the late 1990's or early 2000's on ABC family about a guy and a group of his friends who would do random things every show and the theme song played backwards?

it depends in which city you are in because each city has different channels

What does a backwards flag mean?

Backward flags appear on U.S. Armed Forces uniforms. Army regulations state that when a flag patch is worn, the star field must appear on the observer's right. Thus, a flag patch worn on the right ... Read More »

Does david letterman have a son named Elliot?

No. His son, Harry Joseph Letterman, was named for the talk show host's late father.