What is the origin of the name Phelps?

Answer The surname Phelps, and variations, such as Philip and Phipps, all derive from the ancient Greek personal name Philippos. This name combines the words “philein,” or to love, and “hippos,” o... Read More »

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Who is Michael Phelps'father?

Michael Phelps' father is Fred Phelps. Although close with his mother, still living at home in his 20s, the younger Phelps has a well-documented history of a strained relationship with his father. ... Read More »

Who is Michael Phelps'father& where is he?

Michael Phelps' father is Fred Phelps. The two were estranged for most of the Olympic swimmer's life but reconciled briefly following his first gold medal run in the 2004 Olympics. Since then, the ... Read More »

How Many Medals Has Michael Phelps Won?

Michael Phelps, the American swimmer from Baltimore, has won 16 Olympic medals including: six gold medals and two bronze medals in the 2004 Olympics in Athens and eight gold medals at the 2008 Olym... Read More »

What is the origin of the surname Phelps?

The surname Phelps originates from Wales, and comes from the pet names "Phelp" or "Philp" for "Philip." Philip comes from the Greek name "Philipos" which basically means "to love horse."References:... Read More »