How to Make a Maki Sushi?

Answer sushi is good for entertain at parties.In this season of the year, your family or friends are happy to meet together.It is also good to make sushi together in the party. Enjoy making and eating sus... Read More »

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How to Make Cucumber Maki?

A quick, easy way to make a maki sushi roll. Seaweed sheets, cucumber and rice are combined the authentic, Japanese way. A must for all sushi connoisseurs.

MAKI JAPAN has the best teriyaki chicken EVER!!!what sauce do they use?

They most likely use Kikawa sauce. You can buy this a store. But, you have to make sure you mix it with egg yolk or it will be too sour. Also remember to cook it on the stove seperately first and t... Read More »

Simple Japanese cooking I'd love to cook Japanese food and their are asian stores/international market around?

Stock soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin (which is just a sweet sake, so you can substitute sake and sugar) in your shelf all the time because these four ingredients are indispensable for Japanese c... Read More »

Why do Chinese in my city open japanese restaurants whereas they are not Japanese and don't know their culture?

Japanese food is good, and since there are not many Japanese people around to open up Japanese restaurants, Chinese people step up to the plate.Also, Japanese people aren't as flashy as Chinese peo... Read More »