What does "LOL" mean when posting in an internet forum?

Answer hi!lol stands for 'laugh out loud'

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Will posting a picture be safe on Internet?

Everything you post on internet (including pictures) is subject to misuse. However, I don't see any problem if you keep a decent picture in yahoo answer. Even if someone clicks your picture, it wil... Read More »

Question about posting your photos on the internet?

What are the dangers of posting your picture on the internet?

Well, there are many pedophiles and creeps out there on the internet. They could see a picture of you, stalk you on Y/A, to learn a bit about you. You can be surprised at how much info they can fin... Read More »

How to Use an Internet Forum?

Using an internet forum can be a very enjoyable experience if approached with the right attitude, behavior, and knowledge. Learn how to do it here.