What does LOL mean in computer lingo?

Answer Laughing Out Loud.There are *lots* of these abbreviations out there. Here's a good reference to some of them:…

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What does GG mean in computer lingo?

In computer lingo, the acronym "GG" stands for "good game." It is considered a show of good sportsmanship to send a person this message following the end of an online game.References:Internet Slang... Read More »

Computer lingo?

First you have ..." :) " (means "smile")Then you have "LOL" (means "laugh out loud")If it is really funny, and you really want to make a point that you accept the humor..."LMAO" (means "laugh my... Read More »

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Definition of Cookies in Computer Lingo?

An intruder may be lurking on your computer that you aren't even aware of and it goes by the harmless name of a cookie. An Internet cookie file may be written to your computer by websites that you ... Read More »