What does LLC mean in business?

Answer A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure. Many small businesses create an LLC to protect them against personal liability and give them tax advantages. Laws that govern LLC business... Read More »

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What does business-to-business mean?

The term "business-to-business," often abbreviated as "B2B," generally means the marketing or selling of products to businesses, rather than to consumers. For example, a large wholesaler conducts t... Read More »

What does LLC mean in a business?

An LLC, or limited liability company, is a legal business structure common for small businesses. LLCs combine the limited liability protection of incorporation and the pass-through income taxation ... Read More »

What does dba mean in business?

In business, dba means "doing business as." When operating a sole proprietorship or partnership, you can operate the business under your name, or you can operate it under a registered fictitious na... Read More »

What does the business term PLC mean?

In business, the term PLC stands for "public limited company" and is used for a limited liability company that sells shares of its company in the form of stock in the United Kingdom and Ireland, ac... Read More »