What does LG stand for on LG phones?

Answer The company formerly known as Lucky Goldstar now sells electronics under the brand name "LG." In advertising, LG has used the phrase "Life's Good" as a slogan. The company sells mobile phones, TV, ... Read More »

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What does PCS stand for in cell phones?

The acronym PCS stands for "personal communications services." It is used to identify a particular set of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum on which TDMA mobile communications take place.... Read More »

What does SMS stand for in cell phones?

When speaking in terms of cell phones, "SMS" is the abbreviation for "short message service." This is a term that applies to the sending of text messages from one cell phone to another.Source:JetCi... Read More »

What does LG stand for such as LG cell phones and TVs?

The LG on cell phones and TV screens is an electronic manufacturer brand name, LG Electronics, Inc. LG is based out of Seoul, South Korea and produces electronics such as televisions, computer moni... Read More »

Why do people have home phones...if every in the family has cell phones Isn't it a waste of money?

Wait until there is a storm and the power lines get damages and te cell phone towers go out of service. You will be glad to have a land line with buried cables. Also cell phones microwave your brai... Read More »