What does it mean to be British?

Answer To be British means to be a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Anything termed as being British refers to having to do with the people, language or culture of Grea... Read More »

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What does governor mean in British?

A governor is defined as person who is in charge of a particular organization. However, the term "guvnor" is British slang for a boss or someone in charge of an institution.Source:Merriam Webster D... Read More »

What does snapper mean in British slang?

The term "snapper" has various meanings across the world. In British slang, a snapper typically refers to a photographer, or one who "snaps" photos with a camera. For example, one could say "The sn... Read More »

What does the british word fenway mean?

A fen is a type of bog containing grasses and reeds in peaty, alkaline soil. A fenway is an area near a fen, such as Boston's Fenway district, near its Back Bay Fens. Red Sox owner John Taylor name... Read More »

What does the british word"stone"mean?

A stone is a British unit of measurement equal to about 14 pounds and often used when referring to weights. It was dropped as a legally recognized unit for trade in 1985.References:Weights and Meas... Read More »